Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sanctions Fail...Iran Installs Sophisticated Radar

CIA Director Admits Failure of Sanctions: Iran can Build Nukes and Destroy Israel

CIA director Leon Panetta has admitted that Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to build two nuclear bombs within two years. In an interview with ABC's This Week on June 27th, Panetta all but confessed that efforts to halt Iran's drive for a nuclear bomb had failed.
Asked if the latest round of UN sanctions would end Iran's nuclear ambitions, he said: "Probably not. "Israel is widely regarded as a "one-bomb country": a single nuclear detonation in its heavily populated central region would deal a fatal blow to the nation's infrastructure and its vulnerable population.Panetta's evaluation also indicates that If today Iran has enough low-enriched uranium to build its first two nuclear warheads two years hence, it means that even at its present rate of progress, Tehran will have acquired enough fissile fuel to build another five to six bombs in two years and another 10-12 by 2015. In so doing, Panetta implicitly refuted the latest assertions by US president Barack Hussein Obama and defense secretary Robert Gates that Iran will not be allowed to acquire nuclear arms.
But in the interview, asked about a potential Israeli military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, Panetta said he thinks "Israel is giving the US room on the diplomatic and political fronts."
His comments suggest that the Netanyahu-Barak government has let itself be cowed by Obama and is still not considering military action against Iran, preferring instead the pretense that the diplomatic option can still work. As DebkaFile notes, "Israel's leaders continue to hide from the public the fundamental differences between Israel and the Obama administration not just about Iran, but about its own nuclear capabilities in the face of the US president's determination to denuclearize the Middle East, starting with international restrictions and inspections for Israel's reputed arsenal."
In the meantime, Iran has provided Syria with a sophisticated early warning radar system.
Designed to give radar coverage of the entire region, Syria will now have the ability to detect any hint of an Israeli raid, not only on Syria, but on Lebanon and Iran. The system is being constructed in central Lebanon on Mount Sannine, the highest peak in the country. It appears that while Israel has attempted to circle its wagons with the community-organizer-in-chief of the United States, the countries around Israel are preparing for all out war. Do you suppose this has anything to do with prophecy?
TODAY is Independence Day.....
I am thankful to be free!
I am thankful that my country still recognizes the God-given Rights stipulated in the Declaration of Independence.
I am thankful for the liberty to worship the One True God in spirit and in truth.
I am thankful for a wonderfu family and church.
I am thankful!
May God Bless America Again...........with a full scale revival of true Christianity before Jesus returns.
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