Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Enticements to Ponder

Debkafile is reporting of a new, last minute effort on the part of the Obama administration to entice Israel to accept a NUCLEAR IRAN.
Envoys have been dispatched to Israel with the demand that Benjamin Netanyahu review the proposal and accept it within the next few days.
The Proposal is filled with Obamaesque enticements. (Beware of the handouts!)
To make Israel feel secure in the new reality, the US "proposed" four steps for strengthening the Israeli armed forces and lending it a second-strike capability - even against an Iranian nuclear attack.
1. The US must spread a nuclear umbrella over Israel that would entail the installation of American nuclear depots in Israel to show Tehran that a nuclear attack on the Jewish state would meet with a US nuclear response.
2. American nuclear submarines would be supplied to the Israeli Navy as the backbone of its nuclear counter-strike. There are two categories - ballistic missile submarines and attack submarines.
3. The Israeli Air Force would receive US F-22 Raptor stealth jets, the most sophisticated warplane in the skies today. They would be equipped with all the systems and ordnance needed to strike the Iranian nuclear program.
4. The US would arrange for Israel's full membership of NATO, so rendering an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel subject not just to US retaliation but a declaration of war by the 26-member alliance.
To qualify for these American security perks, a highly placed CIA source made it clear that Israel would be required to come to terms with a nuclear-armed Iran and eschew military action against it, a provision with debkafile's military and Jerusalem sources say the Netanyahu government is most unlikely to accept.
However, the proposal has a built-in contradiction. It portrays the Iranian leadership as consisting, behind their fiery rhetoric, of reasonable people who, when it comes down to it, will react to military and political pressure situations in a way that will not endanger their regime and their country's very survival.
However, this proposition does not take into account the Islamic Republic rulers' persistent threats to wipe Israel off the map (without regard to the hazards this would incur) or the Obama administration's conviction that if Israel attacks Iran, Tehran will hit back at US targets and interests (even more hazardous).
The obvious dilemma for Netanyahu is whether or not he can trust Barrack Obama to come through with his enticements. My question is how can Israel trust a man who has attempted to smooch his way into Islam's good graces while knowing Muslim radical elements are desirous of wiping them off the map. Obama has proven himself incapable of telling the truth, incapable of defending our allies, and incapable of doing what is morally right.

Just when you thought we had stepped away from the brink of war since Israel did not bomb the Bushehr site before it was fueled with uranium, this new development pushes the Middle East right back to the edge of the cliff.

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