Friday, August 13, 2010

S-300 in Georgia...Blocking Northern Route to Iran

The more time that passes, the more complicated it is becoming for Israel if they want to take the step of attacking Iran's nuclear capabilities.
Debkafile is reporting today that Russia has installed its vaunted S-300 anti-aircraft missile system in southern Georgia. This effectively blocks the northern route Israel might have used in attacking Iran. The S-300 is the most advanced anti-aircraft battery on the planet, far superior to the the US Patriot defense system. The only aircraft able to penetrate an S-300 protected area is aircraft with stealth technology. The US has refused to proved that technology to Israel, i.e. the FA-18 Super Hornet.
Also remember that the S-300 has also been sold to Saudi Arabia, though it is not yet installed. When the Saudis have the system up and operable, the southern route to Iran will also be blocked. That leaves the route through Iraq as the only other option. So far, Obama's team of advisers have said "if Israel flies through Irag to get to Iran, we should shoot down their aircraft."
With a war footing now established on the Lebanese border, with Syria and Turkey teaming to install early warning systems on Mount Sannine in Lebanon, and with Iran declaring itself ready for a war with Israel, the window of opportunity for either the US or Israel to do something about Iran's nuclear designs is narrowing.
Though Obama seems to be acquiescing to a nuclear Iran and is hesitant about issuing an attack order himself, Israel's existence is at stake and a nuclear Iran is unthinkable.
Knowing this, and knowing Biblical prophecy, God is not going to allow Israel to be erased. (Amos 9:15) So, the logically prophetic next step is that Israel will soon do the deed alone and attack Iran.
The Psalm 83 war would be effectively ignited at that point or shortly thereafter! Are you ready?

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  1. On Wednesday the Russian air force commander briefed the press about Russian deployment of surface to air missile system on Georgian soil in Abkhazia. Col. Alexander Zelin of the Russian Air force briefed journalists about the purpose and positioning of the missile system, the Russian Air Force told CNN.


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