Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is America on the way OUT of the Middle East?

Egypt's successful protest movement has clouded the true danger present in the Middle East.
It is correct to say that the protests were carried out by an odd coalition of people, all seeking change. We saw Christians marching beside Muslims. We saw students, clerics, and peasants side by side in bringing down the Mubarak dictatorship. Of course, in the background, was a more sinister element headed by the Muslim Brotherhood.
However, most people in the West, including the leadership of our government, are seeing the other protest movements through the Egyptian prism, and that is flat out dangerous for the United States and Israel.
The violent protests and reactions taking place in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, and Saudi Arabia are not democratically directed movements. They represent the rise of Shi'ite Muslims against the ruling Sunni parties in each of those countries. Shi'a Islam is gaining ground rapidly, and the culprit behind the chaos is none other than Shi'a dominated IRAN. If this wave continues, and the Sunni-led governments of the above mentioned nations fall, America will effectively be jetisoned from the Middle East. Iran will have won the war without even fighting. In fact, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad has hailed the current revolutions as an outbreak of the Mahdi, Islams 12th Imam....or Messiah. According to Ahmadenijad, the Mahdi is soon to arrive to judge the infidel and turn the entire world into his personal caliphate. This is what we are facing.
Take Bahrain for instance. This island nation serves as the base for the U.S. Fifth Fleet, which oversees more than 30,000 U.S. personnel across the region. The Fifth Fleet is responsible for operations in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, Yemen, Somalia, and East Africa--a crucial and unstable region. Bahrain also hosts land-based U.S. Patriot missile installations. What's more, Bahrain is located directly across the Gulf from Iran. Should the US be ejected from Bahrain, Iranian missiles will have a much easier time reaching their target without Patriot intercepts.
It is certain the unrest in Bahrain could have a destabilizing effect on the wider region. Israel will be completely isolated. Remember, Barack Obama is doing his best to marginalize the Jewish state. His reasons are known only to him, but his policies are soon to bring forth a curse upon his own country.

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