Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is NOT Democratic Unrest

The current wave of revolution began in Tunisia. The protests were led by women who wanted a bigger piece of political power. It was the closest thing to a democratic revolution in the waves of unrest sweeping North Africa and the Middle East.
Egypt's idealistic youth began the next wave, joined by Christians and Muslims alike. What started as an attempt to bring democratic reforms and oust dictator Mubarak has turned into an elective takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood.
Every ensuing protest movement has taken on the sinister. Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Dubai, and Libya....all are being instigated and fueled by Iranian backed Shi'ite movements. Each of those governments is ruled by Sunni Muslims. The two sects are quite different, especially in their eschatology. Both can be extremely violent. Both believe in Jihad of one level or another.
Now, it is beginning in Saudi Arabia.
This just in from Debkafile.
Thursday night, Feb. 24, saw the first signs of unrest in Saudi Arabia with demonstrations by young people demanding reforms of the kingdom's system of government and by Shiites living and working in the kingdom's oil-rich eastern regions. They demonstrated at Awwamiya in Qatif in solidarity with the protests in Libya and Bahrain. They also demanded the release of detainees rounded up by Saudi security authorities among the two million Shiites living and working in the main oil centers of Saudi Arabia to nip potential unrest in the bud.

Friday, in the Red Sea town of Jeddah in the west, a group calling itself "Jeddah Youth for Change staged a demonstration.

The slightest sign of unrest in Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, is bound to affect the price of oil. Iran is the biggest beneficiary of soaring prices. Day after day, as Arab capitals are beset by popular turbulence, Tehran is watching the damage caused its economy by international sanctions shrinking.

However one looks at the situation in the Middle East, it is certain now that the world is in for a roller coaster ride to trouble.
GAS prices could very quickly go through the roof.
The nations that surround Israel WILL eventually fall to radicalism.
Israel will be completely abandoned by the WEST.
The current occupant in the White House will continue to show incredible WEAKNESS.
Jesus will be showing up at any time.
Though the outlook seems bleak, grim, and worrisome, Jehovah is in control, not allah.
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