Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dominoes Tend to Fall

What incredible time we are witnessing! Facebook induced revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt that toppled dictators. Government-shaking protests are spreading.... Bahrain, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia. Monarchs and dictators are quaking!
The Iranian regime is responding with violence. Bahrain is seeking help from Saudi Arabia as multitudes of Sunni Muslims join the Shia-led rebellions. Bedouins across the region are in a major uprising...and they are violent.
Meanwhile, the West joyfully watches believing these protests are the prelude to the spreading of democracy in the Arab world. Obama is taking credit. Bush lovers tout the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as the precursors of democracy in the Middle East. It all looks so good.
Jordan too was rocked by serious street protests, a serious menace to the throne because they are staged with increasing intensity by indigenous Bedouin tribes, the traditional backbone of the Hashemite royal house. Overnight, armed tribesmen blocked Highway No. 1, the main road into the capital Amman, demanding the restoration of lands, which they claim were stolen from them over the years by the royal family and the Jordanian government.
Last week, 36 Bedouin tribal chieftains sent a letter to King Abdullah II with demands that he cede some of his ruling power including the right to appoint prime ministers and ministers and cut down on extravagant royal spending, especially by Queen Rania, when more money should be diverted to helping the poor.
Unrest against the Jordanian king has been simmering for weeks, creating a double problem for his monarchy.
According to Middle East news sources, the Bedouins are making the most noise while the Muslim Brotherhood and the majority Palestinian population are biding their time, waiting to jump in when the see the first crack in the royal stand against the disturbances.
The second problem is more serious. The Jordanian army consists of Bedouin fighters belonging to the same tribes as the protesters out on the streets. The royal security services have the same makeup. A crackdown against the demonstrations could spark a wholesale Bedouin mutiny against the Hashemite royal house or even the first Bedouin coup against a Jordanian monarch.
All of these developments leave the entire region as one massive powder keg, and the fuse has not only been lit, its fire is nearing the powder.
Prophetically speaking, the question is in all our minds. Is this the prelude to Psalm 83 (Isaiah 17 & 19, Ezekiel 25, Zephaniah 2, and Zechariah 9)? In my mind, a vacuum is being created, a void that something will step into, and I don't believe it will be democracy.

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