Saturday, February 5, 2011

Obama's Meddling: A Mess or a Mission?

Barry Rubin, editorialist for the Jerusalem Post, opined today at American Thinker that Barack Obama has so utterly failed in his Middle East diplomacy that no ME nation can now trust either his judgment or his promise. The following is a portion of his thoughts.
Here are some implications:
--Israel will not take risks or make concessions based on this administration's promises because it doesn't keep its promises or its commitments. The Administration is only proving the ineptness that Israelis already expected.
--But, of course, the same applies to the Palestinian Authority. Do you think it believes the U.S. government is going to protect it from Hamas?
--Do you think the Saudis and Jordanians believe America will protect them from Iran?
--Do you think the democratic oppositions in Lebanon and Turkey and Iran believe the United States will help them despite what he did in Egypt?
--Unintentionally, the mistakes of the Obama Administration has become a factor spreading the power of radical Islamist movements. People aren't going to like that sentence but it is objectively true. Israelis know it; Arabs know it; Iran's leadership knows it.

Note: Did you notice the implication of Israel no longer counting on the US to do what is right concerning Iran. If they cannot count on Obama, does this mean they are one step closer to a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities?

Another question I ask is this; Has the president been naive and idealistic in his approach to the Middle East and Islam, or could he in reality be purposefully furthering an Islamic agenda? I suppose it would be easy to jump up and shout that the president is Islamic. But really, all one need do is look at the two year track record he has established. He doesn't have to be Islamic to tout Islam....and tout Islam he does. Some facts that add up to real trouble.
1. Obama speaks to the Egyptian parliament and declares America is no longer a Christian nation, but one of the largest Islamic nations in the world.
2. In the same speech, Obama forcefully throws Israel under the bus and calls for the division of the land into one contiguous Palestinian State.
3. Obama chose to attempt to negotiate with the Ahmadenijad regime of Iran concerning their push for nuclear weapons. That failed, so a serious of threatened deadlines came and results other than Iran thumbing its nose at America and further threatening Israel.
4. Obama disrespects Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyah, by issuing an ultimatum, then leaving him sitting alone in the White House dinning room while he went to have lunch with Michelle.
5. Obama changes the mission of NASA from space exploration to a Muslim outreach program.
6. Obama refuses to affirm that the Fort Hood shooter was motivated to perpetrate the massacre by a radical Islamic cleric.
7. Obama attempted to change the status of Islamic terrorists locked up at Guantanamo Bay from enemy combatant to that of a common criminal, thereby giving them the full rights of due process enjoyed by American citizens.
8. Obama declared the Jewish settlements in the JEWISH CAPITAL of Jerusalem as the reason for Palestinian intransigence. This was jumped on by the Palestinians, who then blamed Israel for derailing peace negotiations.
9. Obama quickly labeled a police officer "stupid" after the man followed proper procedure in confronting an Obama crony who happened to be drunk and belligerent, while refusing to offer his opinion about the 911 Mosque.
10. Obama called on the Egyptian military to physically oust President Mubark if the man refused to leave office peacefully. This was done with the knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood is stepping quickly into the void being created by protesters...with Mohammad El Baradei being in the lead. (El Baradei is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood)

Again, I do not know if Obama is a Muslim or not. One thing I do know, Barack Obama's claim of being a Christian means nothing...unless of course one believes that an adherent of Black liberation theology is actually Christian.

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