Friday, February 18, 2011

Israeli Mistake?

It appears that Benjamin Netanyahu has made a slight miscalculation. His call request for the Egyptian military to do something about the unrest in the Sinai, being caused by Bedouins and the Islamic Jihad movement, has received a response he had not bargained for.
Over the last two days, Egypt has poured 4000 troops into the Sinai and are poised opposite an Israeli military presence that is woeful at best. Because of the thirty years of peace enjoyed between Israel and Egypt, the IDF has relied upon its counterpart to police the Sinai, including the intricate tunnel system into the Gaza Strip that is known as a pipeline for arms.
Netanyahu had accompanied his request with a call for Egypt to close down the Suez Canal to Iranian warships. That call has gone ignored.
The Jerusalem Post is reporting today that other ominous elements are involved in this sudden build up of Egyptians on Israel's southern border.

"Israel's easy and unconditional consent to an Egyptian military presence in Sinai paved the way for Cairo to ignore Israel's concerns about permitting an Iranian war flotilla pass through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean and up to Syrian military ports, even when an Israeli request to deny Tehran permission was routed through and supported by Washington. The military rulers brushed Israel's request aside and did not bother to reply.
By Friday, Feb. 18, Jerusalem had discovered that Cairo's explanation for its North Sinai deployment was the need to guard from further attacks the pipeline supplying Israel and Jordan with gas, which was blown up by Hamas on Feb. 5, was nothing but a pretext. For now, Egypt is not repairing the damage or offering to resume supplies. The Netanyahu government missed its chance to make consent for the troop deployment contingent on the resupply of gas."
Seemingly, in just a three to four week period of time, the status quo in the Middle East has gone out the window. Secularly speaking, no one seems to know what is going to happen next.
This is why we must be aware of Bible prophecies that speak directly to what is happening at the moment, and what is soon to follow.
Here are a few passages (chapters) that demand your perusal.
Psalm 83
Isaiah 17 and 19
Exekiel 25, 38 and 39
Zephaniah 2
Zechariah 9
Joel 3

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