Thursday, February 3, 2011

Radical Isalm's Hand in Egyptian Turmoil

Do not be fooled, as it appears is happening to the US Administration. What is happening in Egypt is not a move toward democracy. Sure, many of the protesters are idealistic enough to believe that ousting the dictator, Mubarak, will lead to democratic government.
Even our naive-to-the-Middle-East president has called for a transition to a government that is represented by all religious and secular factions. This is not only foolish, it is blind!. Radical Islam i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood (which boasts of such characters as Osama bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, Sheik Mohammad, and many others) is ready to step in and place Egypt in the radical column.
The intent of the Muslim Brotherhood is well documented, and in regards to what this blog is all about, the destruction of Israel and annihilation of the Jews is at the top of the list. While we worry about oil, or having Muslims feel good about us, radicalism is taking over. The following is an interview between Sean Hannity and Sheik Anjem Choudary. Sean quickly gets to the truth of the matter.

A Muslim cleric Wednesday said Egypt will be ruled by Sharia law and eventually the United States – and the whole world – will fall to radical Islam. In a heated interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Sheik Anjem Choudary also called for the destruction of Israel, saying the Jewish state needs to be “repelled” for what it has done to Muslims.

“Sharia will come and it will remove the corruption of democracy, and freedom, and all of your exploitation,” Choudary said. “You are worried because you know Islam is coming to your backyard.”

After hedging his answers on several question about his beliefs, Hannity vehemently asked Choudary to be specific about al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden.

“You said you were on Osama bin Laden’s side: Three thousand Americans were slaughtered on 9-11, you support this man. I am asking you, do you think the people responsible for that are going to go to meet Allah in heaven and get 72 virgins?” Hannity asked. “It’s a simple – you’re supposed to be a lawyer and you’re not particularly bright – It’s a simple question: Do they get the virgins or not sir?

Choudary retorted, detailing U.S. actions in Iraq. Hannity would have none of it.

“The point is, you are radical, murder-supporting fascist, and you want [your ways] to be spread to the rest of the world,” Hannity said.

Hannity then asked if Choudary would like to see Israel’s destruction.

“When you occupy someone’s land, and you steal their resources, and you kill innocent, men, women, and children, then of course that needs to be repelled,” Choudary replied. “Every Muslim knows that Israel is occupying Muslim land. This is Muslim land that has been stolen – and it will be revived.”

What we are seeing is the fulfillment of Psalm 83 in progress. Why are we shocked? Have we lost our belief that we are literally at the doorstep of the long prophesied last days? You can read through my blogs to find out what it is all about, but simply put, Egypt (Hagrites in Psa. 83) will join a group of nations that border Israel in a coalition designed to destroy the Jews. The other nations involved are Lebanon (now controlled by Hizbollah), Syria, Jordan (Moab and Edom), Gaza (controlled by Hamas), and at least part of Saudi Arabia (Ishmael). These inner ring nations will join to attack Israel. According to Isaiah 17, Damascus Syria will be destroyed overnight, and in Ezekiel 25, a parallel passage, God says "I will destroy them by the hand of my people Israel."

This is what is coming. The wildfire of protests across the Middle East could be the beginning of radical Islam's complete takeover of the inner ring nations.

I encourage you to pray for Christian brothers and sisters in these nations, for they are being persecuted tremendously. I encourage you to pray for a mighty move of God in order to bring about the salvation of as many Muslims as possible. Time is winding down quickly.

Jimmy Root Jr
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