Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obama Pushes Saudis Toward Iran

He is slick with the tongue...rrr....teleprompter, but his thinking is either incredibly skewed, or he is part of the plan for rearranging the Middle East and placing it in the "radical Islamist" column. I honestly do no know which. One minute I think he is a naive neophyte, the next, sinister.
Obama's quick flipflop has left the Middle East on the brink.
When the Egyptian protests began, Obama called for the opposing sides to sit down and work things out in an orderly fashion. He asked for Mubarak to listen and the protesters to calm down.
No one paid any attention.
Then, Obama called for the onset of a transition to democracy with the intent for the Egyptian protest movement to shoot for elections in September.
Suddenly, Obama made an outright call for the Egyptian army to remove the government and Hosni Mubarak from power. In other words, Obama called for a military coup.
The repercussions are just beginning to resound. Hosni Mubarak, dictator as he is, has been supported, propped, and financed by America since his rise to power in the late 70's. The entire Middle East just had reinforced for them what they have believed all along...that America is dishonest and untrustworthy. The problem is they are right! And this is just about to jump up and bite us, and Israel, in the hind quarters.
Read my past blogs....The Inner Ring nations of Psalm 83 are forming rapidly out of necessity. First, Syria....always has been radical.
Second, Lebanon fell because Obama refused to support the moderate government. It is now ruled by Hezbollah... i.e. Iran.... i.e radicals.
Third, now appears that the news media is backpedaling away from seeing Egypts problem as a pro-democracy movement. The truth is coming out...the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to step into the void being created by Obama's missteps and convert Egypt to radical Islam by force.
Fourth, Jordan has had to totally revamp its government in an attempt to appease the same protest movement. Eventually, Jordan will be forced to accept radical leadership from Iran.
Now, Saudi Arabia is opening new ties with Iran as a result of our president's ineptitude.
Read the following from Debkafile:

Deep US-Saudi rift over Egypt: Abdullah stands by Mubarak, turns to Tehran
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 10, 2011
The conversation between President Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah early Thursday, Feb. 10, was the most acerbic the US president has ever had with an Arab ruler, debkafile's Middle East sources report. They had a serious falling-out on the Egyptian crisis which so enraged the king that some US and Middle East sources reported he suffered a sudden heart attack. Rumors that he had died rocked the world financial and oil markets that morning and were denied by an adviser to the ruling family. Some Gulf sources say he has had heart attacks in the past.

Those sources disclose that the call which Obama put into Abdullah, who is recuperating from back surgery at his palace in Morocco, brought their relations into deep crisis and placed in jeopardy the entire edifice of US Iran and Middle East policies.

The king chastised the president for his treatment of Egypt and its president Hosni Muhbarak calling it a disaster that would generate instability in the region and imperil all the moderate Arab rulers and regimes which had backed the United States until now. Abdullah took Obama to task for ditching America's most faithful ally in the Arab world and vowed that if the US continues to try and get rid of Mubarak, the Saudi royal family would bend all its resources to undoing Washington's plans for Egypt and nullifying their consequences.

According to British intelligence sources in London, the Saudi King pledged to make up the losses to Egypt if Washington cuts off military and economic aid to force Mubarak to resign. He would personally instruct the Saudi treasury to transfer to the embattled Egyptian ruler the exact amounts he needs for himself and his army to stand up to American pressure.

Through all the ups and downs of Saudi-US relations since the 1950s no Saudi ruler has ever threatened direct action against American policy.
A senior Saudi source told the London Times that "Mubarak and King Abdullah are not just allies, they are close friends, and the King is not about to see his friend cast aside and humiliated."

Indeed, our sources add, the king at the age of 87 is fearful that in the event of a situation developing in Saudi Arabia like the uprising in Egypt, Washington would dump him just like Mubarak.

debkafile's intelligence sources add that replacement aid for Egypt was not the only card in Abdullah's deck. He informed Obama that without waiting for events in Egypt to play out or America's response, he had ordered the process set in train for raising the level of Riyadh's diplomatic and military ties with Tehran. Invitations had gone out from Riyadh for Iranian delegations to visit the main Saudi cities.

Abdullah stressed he had more than one bone to pick with Obama. The king accused the US president of turning his back not only on Mubarak but on another beleaguered American ally, the former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri, when he was toppled by Iran's surrogate Hizballah.

Our sources in Washington report that all of President Obama's efforts to pacify the Saudi king and explain his Egyptian policy fell on deaf ears.
Arab sources in London reported Tuesday, Feb. 8, that a special US presidential emissary was dispatched to Morocco with a message of explanation for the king. He was turned away. This is not confirmed by US or Saudi sources.

The initiation of dialogue between Riyadh and Tehran is the most dramatic fallout in the region from the crisis in Egypt. Its is a boon for the ayatollahs who are treated the sight of pro-Western regimes either fading under the weight of domestic uprisings, or turning away from the US as Saudi Arabia is doing now.

This development is also of pivotal importance for Israel. Saudi Arabia's close friendship with the Mubarak regime dovetailed neatly with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's alignment with Egypt and provided them with common policy denominators. The opening of the Saudi door to the Iranian push toward the Red Sea and Suez Canal tightens the Iranian siege ring around Israel.

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  1. The Saudis are feeling the heat with the recent Arab revolution in the middle east! Let us hope and pray for the safety of the innocent civilians...


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