Friday, January 1, 2010

Guest Article to Start the New Year

So, 2010 arrived. For me, it came with 5 degree weather, snow pack, and no fanfare whatsoever. Just the way I like it. At my age, sleep feels better than partying! I also realized this will be the decade of my 60th birthday, should the Lord choose not to return for his Church in the near future. Oh well.

I begin the new year with a guest article that succinctly outlines why military action against the Iranian nuclear program is the only workable option. Michael Kolker makes sense. Read and feel free to tell me what you think by commenting below.

Michael Kolker: Only Force Will Stop Iran
It should be obvious to anyone paying even casual attention to the actions and statements of the leaders of Iran that nothing short of military action will stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons. The leaders of Iran have made their intentions clear: They are determined to develop nuclear weapons, they are determined to destroy the State of Israel, and they are willing to sacrifice and kill their own citizens to stay in power and achieve their goals.Appeasement and negotiation cannot work with such people. Deterrence and sanctions cannot work with such people. Sanctions will only harm the people of Iran, and the leaders care nothing for their welfare.If the history of the last century teaches us anything, it is that there is evil in the world, and the sooner evil is confronted and defeated, the better. Appeasing evil only makes the ultimate destruction and death much worse when the inevitable confrontation occurs.Democracies are traditionally and understandably reluctant to take military action to defeat evil, even in the face of imminent and undeniable threats. Dictators use that reluctance to achieve their goals, while giving democracies the false hope that negotiation and appeasement can avoid military conflict. This scenario, which was played out in the 1930's is being repeated today.There are “politically correct” pundits and commentators who argue that Iran’s quest for nuclear power does not constitute a threat to the West. They argue that the leaders of Iran are “rational” and “pragmatic”. They argue that Iran is essentially a peaceful country that has not attacked or invaded another country in over 30 years. They even will argue that the constant threats coming from the leaders of Iran that Israel must be destroyed have been misinterpreted.This is a blatantly false and a disingenuous argument. In fact, Iran has repeatedly attacked and terrorized another nation: Israel. It has done so through its agents, Hamas and Hizbullah. These groups have fired literally thousands of missiles at Israeli civilians in recent years. Iran supplied many of these weapons, and continues to attempt to ship weapons to these groups even today. These are not the acts of an essentially peaceful regime.Winston Churchill called World War II "The Unnecessary War", because it could have been prevented if the world's democracies had forcefully confronted Nazi Germany earlier, when its intentions were obvious. The world's failure to do so resulted in the most destructive war in human history and the death of hundreds of millions of people, including 6 Million Jews. The death count and destruction would have certainly been even worse if Hitler had possessed nuclear weapons.In politics and foreign policy, the important decisions are often is not between the good and bad, but between the bad and worse. Taking military action against Iran to cripple its nuclear weapons program would certainly have terrible and unforeseeable consequences. Allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons would be catastrophic for the entire world, and not just for the 6 million Jews of Israel. Nuclear radiation does not stop at the borders of states, and cannot distinguish between Jews and non-Jews.Mr. Obama acknowledged the presence of evil in the world in his speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. One can only hope he has the wisdom, foresight and courage to confront the leaders in Iran with military force sooner, rather than later. It is obvious nothing else will stop them.

Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
A Gathering Storm Book Two of the Lightning Chronicles

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