Monday, January 4, 2010

Obama Being Played On Both Fronts

Okay, I admit it. I confess that I did a fair amount of Obama bashing in 2009. It's true. Notice that I included the word fair...because when one man rises to the position of being the most powerful leader in the world his actions and philosophy deserve scrutiny. If the scrutiny falls on the side of bashing because of foolishness, naivete, or wrong philosophy, so be it. President Obama is guilty on all points.
It has been interesting, if not a point a frustration to see the President being twisted in the wind by the Iranians. He wants to talk peace so desperately that he has been willing to allow himself to be dragged along by people that have no desire whatsoever to be peaceful. That is basically a one-sided negotiation. By the fact that no military option seems imminent, nor is the international community on board with sanctions, all that results from one-sided negotiation is appeasement. Bash worthy? Yep...foolishness at its finest is being demonstrated in Washington.
The funny thing is seeing that Israel has finally learned to do the same. One of today's news items was a renewed pledge by Benjamin Netanyahu to sit down and talk with the Palestinians without pre-conditions. On the surface this stance seems just as foolish as Master Obama's attempt to unclench the Iranian fist. However, I will lay odds that Bibi Netanyah is smarter than Barry Obama, hands down. You see, Netanyah knows he needs to appease someone. His choice is to play up to make him feel allow him the thought that his strategy actually has value. If Obama is willing to tolerate Iran's missing of multiple deadlines, Netanyhu figures he'll be happy with any small appearance of concession on the part of Israel. But here is the catch that demonstrates savvy on the part of the Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu knows two things for certain....
1. He knows there is no solidified Palestinian voice. Hamas rules in Gaza, and they have vowed never to negotiate. Mahmoud Abbas is really only a figurehead in the West Bank and has nothing more than a friendship with Obama to give him any credentials at all. He will soon be gone! Therefore, pledging to return to the table, on the part of Israel, is a masterstroke.
2. Netanyahu also knows that even though he says he has no pre-conditions, the Palestinians do. They will never recognize Israel's right to exist, which means that all Israel has to do is offer to talk about the Palestinians right to exist as a state. TRUMP! Netanyahu again looks like the smart guy who is willing to give some ground while the Obama-loved Palestinians look like the warmongers.
In the coming weeks of 2010 I look for Obama to continue to be played by both sides simply because his ego demands it. Israel will wait a bit longer for any signs of international sanctions to pick up steam, but they won't wait long. Iran is picking up steam in completing its NUKE. Something will have to be done to set them back a bit. So, the twisting in the wind continues!

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