Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Can't Fake Success When You've Failed

It isn't everyday one can watch a leopard change his spots or a tiger his stripes. Incredibly, one Barrack Hussein Obama thinks he can make the American public believe he never had any spots in the first place.

We are a day away from Obama's first State-of-the-Union speech, and it should prove to be a thriller. With gaudy rhetoric and populist phrasing, Obama will attempt to woo the public like he did during his campaign. The method will always work on dimwits. However, the American public is waking from its dull slumber. What the little tiger says on Wednesday will not be received. But here is the problem. Because just about everyone is going to want to see what new lies and hoodwinks come forth, the ratings for the program will rocket upward. Mr. Obama will take that as a sign that he is loved. He'll garnish a mandate from the ratings...and in his customary hubris, will do everything he can to push his socialist agenda through the halls (or cloak closets) of congress....people be darned! (I'm G rated:)

Conservative Americans are not the only ones who see the left-hand writing on the wall! Read this article concerning Obama's coming intervention in the Middle East and see if the leopard's spots aren't still there.

The Region: F for Failure

We must now face an extremely unpleasant truth: Even giving the Obama administration every possible break regarding its Iran policy, it is now clear that the US government isn't going to take strong action on the nuclear weapons issue. Note that I didn't even say "effective" action, I'm saying that it isn't even going to make a good show of trying seriously to do anything.

Some say that the administration has secretly or implicitly accepted the idea that Iran will get nuclear weapons and is now seeking some longer-term containment policy. I doubt that has happened. It is just not even this close to reality.
From its behavior, it still seems to expect, incredibly, that some kind of deal is possible with Teheran despite everything that has happened. Then, too, it may hope that the opposition - unaided by America - will overthrow the Iranian government and thus solve the problem. And it is too fixated on short-term games about seeking consensus among other powers; two of them - China and Russia - are clearly not going to agree to anything serious. This fact was clear many months ago, but the administration still doesn't recognize it.
Not only is the Obama administration failing the test but it is doing so in a way that seems to maximize the loss of US credibility in the region and the world. A lot of this comes from the administration's philosophy of unprecedented concepts of guilt, apology, defeatism and refusal to take leadership never seen before among past liberal Democratic governments from Franklin Roosevelt to Bill Clinton.

There! I feel better!

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