Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Some STUFF to think about.

1. I happen to be a sinner. Are you?
2. I happen to have met the Savior. Have you?
3. My sins have been forgiven forever. Have yours?
4. Hell is no longer my destination. Is it still yours?
5. My loyalty is to a King? Is yours?
6. I have a reserved apartment in Jerusalem. Do you?
7. I have become the righteousness of God in Christ. Have you?

Just a few thoughts. Okay, the news.

Two stories of note have hit the wires today. The first takes us deeper into the chasm that continues to widen between former friends and allies, Israel and Turkey. According to the DebkaFile, it seems that the Israeli Assistant Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, took a step to demonstrate Israel's disgust with a television program that was aired in Turkey. The documentary depicted Israeli Mossad agents as baby killers, and the IDF as perpetrators of a Palestinian holocaust that is greater than the alleged WWII Jewish Holocaust. What did Ayalon do? In a photo op with the Turkish Ambassador, Ayalon sat on a relatively tall stool while making the Turk sit on an extremely short chair. He also made sure the Israeli flag leaned to his side, making it look like the Turk was a plebe.
Immediately, the Turks cried foul! Oh dear.
In another American-led twist, U.S. Middle East Envoy, George Mitchell, decided to really sound tough. In not so many words, Mitchell threatened to remove loan guarantees on money loaned by American banks to Israel if the Israeli's didn't come to the table and negotiate to cede more land to the Palestinians. Israel's reaction made me smile. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz on Sunday said "Israel did not need US loan guarantees anytime soon and has managed to raise funds without guarantees from the debt-ridden American government. Off the record, other Israeli officials suggested that the Americans might be in need of Israeli guarantees in the years to come." Ah, Israel stood up to the Obama Administration. But wait, there's more. On Saturday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reminded Mitchell and the US Administration that Israel has taken significant steps to propel the peace process forward while the Palestinian Authority refuses to renew peace talks. "It is the Palestinian Authority that needs to change its ways - certainly not the Israeli government," the PMO statement read.

Way to go Israel! Maybe an American Senator or two might like to use your example and stand up to the stupidity flowing from the White House and State Department. 'nuf said!


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