Monday, January 11, 2010

A Game of Chess?

Way back when I was in high school and playing saxophone in the pep band (at basketball games...I was a wrestler for those of you who think sax players are sissies!) one of the popular ditties was a song made famous by Sonny and remember it....sing along.... "And the beat goes on....and the beat goes on..." That is the feeling I get as I watch the current Obama Administration attempt to play high-stakes Chess with Iran. In my humble opinion, the entire arsenal of our assortment of MOABs should have descended on the Ayatollahs a long time ago. But no..."Let's just talk" all we seem to get out of this bunch of yahoo's in Washington.
Today we discover that the USS Eisenhower Carrier group has been sent to the region in order to bolster the Sixth and Seventh Fleets. Is it a gearing up of the US to bomb the Iranians further back into the stone age (they are already there in many ways), or is it saber rattling to attempt to scare Ahmadinijad to the table? If it is the former, I say JUST DO IT! If the latter, I say FORGET ABOUT IT. Again, the Administration evidently fails to understand the nature of the beast that it is trying to play with. The radical islamists want one of two things...either an armed confrontation to justify their cause....or a nuke to further their cause. If we are going to use force against them, we'd better be prepared to do the job thoroughly and completely. The worst scenario would be if our President is simply trying to stall the Israelis. Forgive me if I rant at bit.... FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, THE ISRAELIS ARE THE ONES IN THE CROSSHAIRS!
The following is the report from DebkaFile

Petraeus: Iran's nuclear infrastructure can be bombed
DEBKAfile Special Report
January 11, 2010, 10:14 AM (GMT+02:00)

The deployment in the Middle East of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group in the first week of January adds muscle to the words of Gen. David Petraeus, CENTCOM commander, on Jan 10 that Iranian nuclear infrastructure, albeit strengthened against attack with enhanced underground tunnels, wasn't fully protected.
"Well, they certainly can be bombed," he said to CNN. "The level of effect would vary with who it is that carries it out, what ordnance they have and what capability they can bring to bear."
This judgment contradicts recent US media estimates that Iran's nuclear facilities buried deep in fortified tunnels are now protected against air or missile strikes.
Declining to comment on the likelihood of an Israeli strike, Gen. Petraeus said there was still time for diplomacy, but pointed out: "It would be almost literally irresponsible if Centcom were not to have been thinking about 'what ifs' and making plans for a whole variety of different contingencies."
DEBKAfile's military sources add: CENTCOM was substantially beefed up by the USS Eisenhower carrier which President Barack Obama deployed in the New Year to the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean in support of the US Fifth and Sixth Fleets. He ordered this six-month deployment, the first since he took office a year ago, in view of the rising tensions around Yemen and Iran.
The Eisenhower carries eight air squadrons on its decks.
Air Wing Seven is made up of four fighter-bomber squadrons, a squadron each of early-warning surveillance, electronic warfare and tactical support aircraft and another of anti-submarine helicopters. Its strike force consists of the USS Hue City guided missile cruiser, and two guided missile destroyers, the USS McFaul, USS Farragut and USS Carney.
Obama said in a recent interview that he had not intention of sending US combat troops to the terrorist havens of Somalia and Yemen because "working with international partners is most effective at this point."
This statement ties in with pumping up America's naval and air strength in the two volatile regions to avoid sending in more boots on the ground which the US cannot afford at this time.

Thanks for praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

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