Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surprise! Surprise! Obama Drops Push for Sanctions

Be honest....who didn't see this one coming? Only the blindest of the blind, the dullest of the dull, the liberalist of the liberals missed this one. Sanctions against Iran aren't-a-gonna happen! Shazaam, we've been hoodwinked. We've been fooled....for the umpteenth time in a year. (Funny how the Iranians knew it all along..tee..hee..hee) And the clouds of surrealism thicken.
Problem...Israel was caught off guard by today's announcement by Secretary of State that the Obama Administration is going to cease it's push for international sanctions against Iran. This is where Benjamin Netanyahu either learns a huge lesson, or fails miserably in protecting Israel from the cutthroats who want to push the Jews into the sea. Maybe it's the mass of water between us and Israel, but many of us in the USofA saw this one coming the second Barack made his first speech to Jews. He has thrown Israel off the bus on multiple occasions...but the Israelis keep climbing back on board. Now, he has not only tossed them under the bus, he is leaving them hanging in the wind. Could it be a nuclear wind?
The DebkaFile reports Hillary's very words.... "The Obama administration wants to keep the door to dialogue open with Iran," she said Jan. 4, then added a remark which let Iran off completely of the American hook: "…although the United States has avoided using the term deadline, it cannot wait indefinitely to hear form Iran."

Grant it, that sounds like the Administration is running out of patience...that maybe the military option is on the table at last....but nay...'tis a wrong assumption. The article continues....

DEBKAfile's Iranian sources report that Tehran sees Washington as so eager to reach the negotiating table that it is falling back from effective penalties step by step, including an embargo on refined oils and benzene, and even willing to forgive Iran's failure to meet a highly publicized international deadline.
"Our goal is to pressure the Iranian government, particularly the Revolutionary Guards elements without contributing to the suffering of Iranians," Clinton explained.

What? You have got to be kidding....pressure Revolutionary Guard element? The greatest opportunity Obama had was the uprising of pro-democracy protesters after the fraudulent elections last year....and they are at it again. Have you heard support coming from the mouth of the Babe (Barack, not Hillary)? Has the messiah spoken in support of those who would change the direction of Iran? Nah....he's too busy pushing a Healthcare fiasco into the darkness and out of the light in order to hoodwink the American people yet again. (Can you tell I'm steamed up a bit?)
And this means what? Again, Israel must be moving out the final stages of its comatose hope in America. My prayer is that they soon begin to turn to Jehovah....and eventually their true Messiah...Yeshua! Not only is a war inevitable, it is approaching with astonishing speed.

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