Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did Hamas Have a "Born Again" Experience?

Hamas' Leader Azia Dwaik with British Millionaire David Martin Abrams in Hebron
In an sudden about face, Hamas leadership, the organization that controls the Gaza Strip and gaining ground in the West Bank, now says it is ready to accept "Israel's Right to Exist." In conversations with British millionaire, David Martin Abrams in Hebron yesterday, Dwaik said "No one wants to throw anyone into the sea." He went on to express that Hamas is ready to 'nullify' the original twenty-year old Palestinian Charter and push forward to forge a peace between the Palestinians and the Jews. Abrams promised to meet as soon as possible with the British Foreign Secretary to convey the exact sentiment of the meeting.
Can it really be true that Hamas, a noted terrorist organization that has lived to destroy Israel, could have actually had a change of heart? Do they really want to start playing nice with the other child in the sand box? Are we looking at the Biblical cry of "Peace and Safety" Jesus' declared would exist at the time of his coming?
Next question please....Do I believe it? Absolutely NOT! Better question: Will Big-Daddy Barack Obama believe it and use it as a way to overt the eyes of America off of his impending political demise....ABSOLUTELY YES, YOU BET, FOR CERTAIN! Obama is only too ready to prove his Middle East policies aren't the failure everyone knows they are. We already know he has thrown Israel under the bus on multiple occasions. With the push for a recognized, independent Palestinian State picking up steam in the EU and the UN, Obama will smile that winning grin and jump on board the slow train to folly. Count on it!
Hamas is just another in a growing line of Israeli/American enemies that have figured out how to manipulate the President of the United States.

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