Thursday, May 20, 2010

Environmental Paranoia? How Should Believers Be Treating the Planet?

Al Gore is at it again. In fact, he hasn't stopped preaching the Climate Change mantra...."we are in danger of destroying the planet by human produced carbon emissions." He preaches it consistently, persistently, and intently. The theme, if we don't change from our industrialized society and be as green as possible, then the ice caps will melt, the Polar Bears will vanish, the coasts will sink into the ocean, and the earth will fall into another ice age, thereby destroying life as we know it.
HOGWASH! This is a Babel moment; a movement in which man is attempting to elevate himself into the position of ruler of the planet. With the push for Climate Change standards also comes the call for a Global Government. Someone will have to take charge, with an iron fist, in order to bring the people's of the world into alignment with said standards. This is a group of people (ultra-environmentalists and earth-worshippers) who have convinced foolish politicians that we actually have the power and wherewithal to control the world's climate. (I can see them shaking their fists at the volcano spewing megatons of ash and debris into the skies over Iceland.) Of course, the politicians see a bright side....the way to make boatloads of cash in a "carbon-exchange" scheme that will line their own pockets.
The QUESTION for true believers in Jesus is two fold.
1. How should we view and treat the creation in which we live?
2. Is paranoia about climate change something to be avoided?
First, I believe wholeheartedly that God has given stewardship of the earth over to man. We are not to worship creation, but we should do our best to tend the planet in order to honor the God who created it. That means doing the right things.....not being slothful and wasteful with resources, keeping things clean (no pitching trash out the window of your car), even recycling whenever possible. Planting trees and gardens is good. Always be aware of your surroundings by picking up trash on your evening walk if you can. However, turning green is not going to save the planet from harsh, natural disasters.
The Scriptures have many things to say:
  • Jesus said in Matthew 24 that earthquakes, famines, pestilence (all sorts of natural disasters) would increase the closer we get to his return.
  • Paul tells us that this is because the creation is groaning in anticipation of the revelation of the sons of redemption....not because of carbon emissions or mismanagement of mother earth.
  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ (last book in the Bible) has tons to say about what is going to happen on the earth by way of judgment. These judgments will be handed out by God, not by the hand of men. Here they are:
  1. Rev. 6:3-4, Red Horseman of the Apocalypse takes peace away from the earth. War messes things up pretty royally.
  2. Rev. 6:5-6, Black Horseman brings famine, followed by the Pale Horseman that unleashes death. Death messes things up pretty royally too. Talk about pollution!
  3. Rev. 8:7, 1st Trumpet Judgment.... One third of all trees and grass burn up. That means the removal of carbon dioxide from the air decreases by one third.... result: air pollution!
  4. Rev. 8:8-9, 2nd Trumpet Judgment.... One third of the seas become blood, one third of all life in the world's oceans die, one third of all shipping sinks.
  5. 1, Trumpet Judgment #3.... One third of all fresh water becomes undrinkable, bitter, and poisonous.
  6. Rev. 16:3, 2nd Bowl Judgment.... The entirety of the oceans and seas turns to blood.
  7. Rev. 16:4-7, 3rd Bowl Judgment... Ditto with the rest of the planet's fresh water.
  8. Rev. 16:8-9, 4th Bowl Judgment.... The Sun increases its heat by one third... I'd call that God-instigated global warming. But notice which is the cooker and which is the cookee.
  9. Rev. 16:10-11, 5th Bowl Judgment... Darkness engulfs the city of the world's anti-Christ ruler.
  10. Rev. 16:17-21, 7th Bowl Judgment.... 100 pound hailstones batter the earth. This is followed by a worldwide earthquake, and I imagine most of the worlds volcanoes will be spewing by then.

What am I saying? Listen believer in Jesus Christ, to get all paranoid about climate change is a waste of your emotional and spiritual energy. Be clean. Be as green as you want, but the earth is heading for real hope and change in the form of a RE-CREATION, not in a reformation of the activities of mankind. Don't fall for this man-is-in-charge-of-his-own-destiny nonsense. Our very first representative, Adam, gave that up in the Garden of Eden. The earth, and all of creation, is in need of the same redemption that is required by every human being. That redemption has already been provided in the death and resurrection of the Son of the the Living God.... His name is Jesus not Mohammad. He is on his way back to the earth to judge sin once and for all. He is our hope. In him, we are already part of the New Creation!

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