Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obama's Sanction Planned Goes Down in Flames

Oops....Brazil stepped into the fray yesterday and sent the inept Obama administration into a sanctionless tailspin. It was as if a P-52 prop fighter turned on an FA-18 multi-role attack aircraft and shot it out of the sky. Why? Pilot skills! Obama is driving an administration that is so far out of its league, both in experience and in morality, that it has little chance of doing anything but damage. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad snaps photos and grins that unshaven monkey grin as he laughs in the world's face.
Headline......Debkafile Sanctions Against Iran is a Dead Letter
The Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened his inner cabinet in Jerusalem Tuesday, May 18, to decide how to handle the crisis created by the Brazilian-Turkish-Iranian uranium enrichment accord.
But fact is that sanctions with real bite had never been more than a will-o'-the wisp in the first place.
For months, President Obama chased the unreachable goal of unanimous UN Security Council approval of sanctions as empowerment for tough, unilateral US and European sanctions against Iran. Russia and China had circled around the draft but never climbed aboard.

Netanyahu has been holding out as long as he possibly can. Amidst calls by the Obama regime, then recently the Russians, that Israel disclose its nuclear capabilities, Netanyahu has been quietly strengthening his coalition and his position among the Israeli populace. Over 90% of Israelis now fully believe they are alone against the world. The only country to have stepped up to the plate to offer encouragement has been lowly Colombia.

How much longer can Benjamin Netanyahu exercise patience when Iran continues to enrich uranium for the bomb, Syria continues to funnel arms and rockets into Lebanon, Gaza reloads, and the American administration fades into irrelevance? My guess is it won't be long!

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