Friday, May 14, 2010

Prophetically Oriented Events in the News... May 14, 2010

Events of NOTE
In the World of Prophecy

  • Ignoring the objections of 37 human rights organizations, the United Nations General Assembly voted to seat Libya on the UN Human Rights Council. The regime of Mohammar Ghdafy is one of the most brutal tyrannies in existence, yet the United Nations as seen fit to place Libya in a position to make human rights policy for the rest of the world. Libya's Biblical Significance......Libya is listed as a Magog coalition member that will rise against Israel in the very near future. See Ezekiel 38 & 39 .... Libya's ancient name is Put.

  • Attorney General, Eric Holder, refuses to label Radical Islam as a reason for recent attacks on the United States of America. Under severe questioning by a Senator, Holder repeatedly backed away from stating the obvious. Until the leadership of the United States acknowledges the fact that radical Islam is a reality, that it cannot be negotiated with, and that it will never back down, our nation and people will remain in peril.

  • Russian President, Dymetry Medvedev, signaled during a Wednesday visit to Syria that Russia would be willing to help get Syria back on track with its nuclear program. As you recall, Israel bombed a reactor being built by the North Koreans in the Syrian desert. Now, Medvedev says "Cooperation on atomic energy could get a second wind." What is Syria's significance in prophecy?..... Isaiah 17 tells us that Damascus is soon to be destroyed, probably in a nuclear exchange with Israel. The oldest city in the world that has yet to have been destroyed will be removed from existence in an overnight attack. Of course, Russia's significance in the world of end time events is clearly seen in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Known as Magog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, Russia is now moving behind the scenes with the intent to control the entire Middle East....including Israel.

There you have it for May 14, 2010.....staying abreast of what is happening will help you be ready for what is soon to take place. As prophetic events unfold, one thing you should take from it all is the knowledge that God's Word is absolutely and utterly trustworthy. This is not only true for prophecy, but for every area of your daily life. Get into the Bible. Read it. Absorb it. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate it to your heart. He will do just that!

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