Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Ditch Effort Underway

Prime Minister, Netanyahu: Nations must prevent Iran nukes
Jerusalem Post

“Greatest danger to humanity posed by nuclear-armed radical Islam.”
The nations of the world must unite to stop the Iranian nuclear program, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at a conference of Russian-speaking journalists on Sunday. Netanyahu spoke at the 12th world conference of Russian-speaking press, held at Dan Panorama hotel in Tel Aviv. He said the world must recognize the danger that a nuclear Iran poses to all nations, and act to prevent it.
“Most of world terrorism originates in radical Islam,” he said, adding that the greatest danger humanity faces is if the most fanatical and violent ideology attains the most destructive tool of terrorism possible – nuclear arms.
“The greatest tragedies to befall the Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian people, occurred when they did not recognize danger in time. I expect all peace-seeking nations to join hands to stop evil,” Netanyahu said.
Iran said it would submit the understandings reached in the Teheran Declaration on transferring its low-enriched Uranium to Turkey to the International Atomic Energy Agency Monday.

Netanyahu is now pursuing a last-ditch effort to raise international action against the Iranians and there headlong rush toward nuclear weapons. Sadly, he is not, nor will he be succesful in garnishing support for biting sanctions. He now knows Obama is a dead end. Russia is about to install its vaunted S-300 anti-aircraft system in Iran. The window for dealing with Iran is closing. In the least, when Israel is forced to deal with Iran militarily, Netanyahu will be able to point to his exhaustive attempt to raise the alarm. In the end, not even that will keep the entire world from turning against the Jewish state.
What do they have going for them? Nothing less than Jehovah, God Almighty!

Try reading Ezekiel 38 and 39 to see how God will react to Russia, Iran, Libya, Turkey, and the Sudan.

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