Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Back, but things Haven't Changed a Bit

Well, it's May 10th and I'm back.
What happened, you ask? Good question.
I went into the hospital on Thursday for a surgical procedure. I was supposed to be out by Friday at the latest. Then I contracted a couple of infections that left me as an inmate to the healthcare system. Thank God it hasn't yet been ruined by Obamacare. Anyway, I was released late on Mother's Day and am convalescing at home. In the meantime, there is some news to share. While I was laid up,
International Pressure Building on Israel
Following the lead of Iran's President, the international community is increasing pressure on Israel to expose its nuclear capabilities and to eventually disarm. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency has formerly asked member nation's to join in forcing Israel to expose its supposed arsenal. This is an unprecedented action. This focus on Israel is proof positive that the international community is not serious about the Iranian nuclear threat.

Meanwhile the Obama administration has joined with the permanent members of the Security Council in support of a nuclear free Middle East. Again this is a provocative act against Israel. Only Israel is being pressured to expose its defenses.

All this is pressure is coming in the midst of an Obama administration charm offensive directed at Israel and the American Jewish community. In public, the Obama administration is reaching out to some Jewish critics and saying nice things, but in reality Israel continues to be squeezed by the pro-Muslim bias of the Obama administration.
This commentary does not come from political bias but from a track record that is being firmly established. Pressure for Israel to disarm will be the next clarion call shouted by the enemies of the Jewish people. Not long after, the Obama Administration will do the same.

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