Monday, May 17, 2010

The Masters of Chess are at it Again

Before you read this snippet from the Associated Press, remember that the game of Chess was created in Iran (Persia). They are masters of the game. They know how to move and counter move. They know how to sacrifice a pawn, or use a move as a feint to draw attention away from the true intent. Brazil, decidedly anti-American and anti-Israeli, has stepped into the ongoing nuclear situation by brokering a deal between Iran and Turkey. The plan? To ship Iran's low-enriched uranium to Turkey using Brazilian shipping. Turkey would continue to enrich the material to a "nuclear plant" level.
We must also remember that Turkey and Iran are now intertwined in a full military/economic cooperation pact....which also includes Syria. The question will be whether or not the United Nations will fall for the ruse, as they are looking for a way out of the growing situation. This might be their "out." Plus, I am interested to see how the Obama Administration spins this agreement. Will they see it as positive? Or will the blinders continue to be locked into place?
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Iran agrees to ship most of its enriched uranium to Turkey

French FM calls on UN watchdog to weigh in on Brazil-brokered deal to ship uranium to Turkey; agreement would deprive Iran of stocks for atomic weapons but Iranian enrichment to continue.
Iran agreed Monday to ship most of its enriched uranium to Turkey in a nuclear fuel swap deal that could ease the international standoff over the country's disputed nuclear program, just as pressure mounts for tougher sanctions.

The deal was reached in talks with Brazil and Turkey, elevating a new group of mediators for the first time in the dispute over Iran's nuclear activities. There was no immediate comment from the United States and the other world powers that have led earlier negotiations as to whether the new deal would satisfy them and stave off a fourth round of UN sanctions.
Here's the Clencher to this Charade..... Turkey has no enrichment facilities.

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