Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Noose Around Israel Seems to be Tightening

From the Old Testament prophecies about our current days, there are two rings of enemies circling the tiny nation of Israel. What may seem to be an insignificant country to most world observers is actually the pivot-point of God's end-time designs. Quite literally, in God's eyes, Jerusalem is the center of the universe. His long-time covenants with Abraham and David will be fulfilled.
The INNER RING is described in Psalm 83; Isaiah 17; Jeremiah 12:14-17, Ezekiel 25:12-17, and Obadiah 15-18. The names used are those of the ancient people groups that lived in particular regions at the time of the writings. Just as the prophecies speak to the "land of Israel," they also speak to the "lands" from which these ancient people groups lived. That means we can determine which nations today actually fulfill the Old Testament's description of individual people groups. Nearly all Biblical scholars agree on the following connections from the above scriptures. And since no recent war has included all of the above mentioned, we know it has not yet been fulfilled. It is very clear that the world is about to witness the prophesied events.
Edom/Moab = Jordan
Ammon/Gebal/Amalek = Syria (Actually mentioned as Syria/Damascus in Isaiah 17)
Tyre/Gebal/Ashur = Lebanon
Ishmaelites = The Saudi Peninsula
Hagrites = Egypt
Ashur/Gaza/Philistines = the Gaza Strip
From today's news headlines we read:
New Iranian missiles for Gaza, Syria tops up Hizballah's rocket stocks
Debka Files

Iran is making a huge effort to smuggle to the Palestinian Hamas Fajr-5 ground-to-ground rockets that bring Tel Aviv within range of the Gaza Strip. DEBKAfile's military sources also disclose that Syria, Iran's second ally with an Israeli border, has decided to transfer one-third of its missile stockpile to the Hizballah in Lebanon, topping up its arsenal with medium-range rockets that can cover central as well as northern Israel, which was heavily blitzed in the 2006 war.

Israel's top strategists are studying these massive missile transfers to hostile entities to find answers to a number of key questions:

1. Syria has destined some 250 surface missiles of its stockpile of 800 for Hizballah. Are they Scuds B, C and D whose ranges exceed 800 kilometers, or Iranian-Syrian made projectiles whose range is shorter?
2. Do the transfers mean Iran and its allies are gearing up for a major Middle East conflict in the months ahead, possibly in early 2010?
3. Will Syria hand over to Hizballah some of its chemicals-tipped missiles?
4. Will some batteries be installed atop the mountain ranges running down central Lebanon, together with air defense systems supplied at the same time by Syria?

Israel is particularly concerned by the Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt's recent decision to turn coat against the pro-Western camp led by Saad Hariri in favor of deals with Tehran and Damascus. Incorporated in these under-the-counter deals are secret military clauses which permit Hizballah to deploy its missiles on highlands of his Druze fief. Israel would think twice at least before attacking areas populated by Druze villages.
In the south, Iran's Revolutionary Guards terrorist arm, the Al Qods Brigades, its bending all its smuggling resources to getting the Fajr-5 missiles into the Gaza Strip, thereby extending Hamas' rocket range to 75 kilometers and central Israel. Military sources wonder what the Netanyahu government is doing to halt the missile stranglehold tightening around Israel. Nothing is apparent as yet.
In other words, the inner ring is beginning to tighten like a noose around Israel's neck. The Israeli people are beginning to wonder what their government is going to do about this increasing threat to Israel's existence. No one is coming to their aid. America has abandoned them. Europe has snubbed its nose. Turkey, the only moderate Muslim friend has gone radical and is now in Iran's camp of cutthroats. The INNER RING war is just around the corner.
But if you read the above verses, you will notice that Israel will win that conflict. God says he will destroy those enemies "by the hand of my people Israel!" Not only that, but Israel will greatly expand its territory....almost back to the Solomon-controlled land that God promised to restore. The result will be the alleviation of a massive threat, and Israel will suddenly seem secure and at some semblance of peace. (Ezekiel 38:7-9)
What will happen then?
The OUTER RING will tighten with the design of destroying God's OT Covenant People.
Ezekiel 38 and 39 The Gog/Magog War
The outer ring is clearly described and is now coming together in an unstoppable alliance led by Russia. Here are the nations using the above criteria.
Gog, Magog, Meshech, and Tubal (all sons of Japheth that migrated to....) = Russia
Gomer (Another son of Japheth) = Turkey
Togarmah (Son of Japheth) = the nations stretching from the Black sea to the Caspian Sea, all
former Soviet Republics... now called the Coalition of Seven Rapid Response Force.
Persia = Iran
Put = Libya
Cush = The southern part of Egypt, the Sudan, and the Horn of Africa (all radicalized Muslim controlled regions.)
God will set the hook and bring the OUTER RING of nations to the mountains controlled by Israel....spread across Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the southern Negev. Again, no nation will come to Israel's aid. But there is a God in heaven who's wrath will come up in his face. His name is Jehovah. He will cause the mountains to quake, the armies to fight one another, and ultimately destroy the coastlands of the sending nations.
The Result?
EZEKIEL 39:7 "And the nations (of the whole world) will know that i am the Lord, the Holy One of Israel."
I fully believe that final announcement will usher in the greatest end-time harvest in history. (Joel 2...Latter Rain... Mathew 24:14) It will be short. It will be powerful. It will culminate in the Rapture! Understand that I believe the Rapture could happen at any moment, but my heart tells me we will be the tools used for this Latter Rain harvest. Are YOU ready? These events are suddenly upon us.
Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles

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