Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Buy Stock In Chicken Little

Over the course of the last few days I have witnessed more youtube videos about the end of the world than I care to remember. Some have demonstrated the creation of "Concentration Camps" for anti-OBAMITES, for those who refuse the H1N1 Vaccination, and Christians. New World Order videos decrying a one world currency abound. Implanted chip stories are running wild. "America is DOOMED" is being shouted by everyone from Glen Beck to Joe down the street.
CHICKEN LITTLE is freaking out! Fear is wrapping its slimy fingers around every unguarded throat. Hysteria is lurking in every dark corner, not only of the internet, but in Sunday School rooms and coffee shops. Yikes!
I DON'T BUY IT! What is the point of getting all Chicken Littled? HELLLLOOOO....the Bible warned us about these types of events. Jesus said it. Did we not believe him? Does getting all worked up somehow help the cause of Christ? For crying-out-loud friends, aren't we supposed to have the peace of God that passes understanding? Isn't that peace guarding our hearts and minds? Or is Chicken Little pecking on the top of your head?
Maybe America is about to go over a cliff into a Marxist-led one world order. Don't we believers in Christ carry just a temporary visa to this land? I've had temporary visas stamped in my Passport while living overseas. It is what it is....TEMPORARY......not ETERNAL! Our citizenship is in a greater Kingdom. Does that mean we shouldn't voice our morals, stand up against a growing tyranny, and warn as many people as possible? Of course not. We are to be good citizens of our beloved country. But, sheeesh, we do not have the right to get all worked into a frenzy. Think it it through. Our spiritual eyes must be on our King, even as our skeptical eyes are on our President. Please do not forget that. to the coming one world government, the anti-Christ, and the Mark of the Beast. It will soon be a reality. (Soon is relative only to God's timetable.) The seeds of it are upon us, but it is not here yet. In fact, the anti-Christ cannot be revealed until a certain Restrainer is taken out of the way. (2 Thess. 2) For those of you who believe the Bride of Christ will be here when God's wrath is poured out... you need to rethink your position according to scripture. The church/Bride is not appointed for wrath. Would you beat up your wife? No? Then tell me why you think Christ would beat his? Nope...we will be gone...taken out of the world before the Father squishes the world like ripe grapes. (1 Thess. 4:15-18) Does this mean we will not go through tribulation....certainly not! We are PROMISED tribulation FROM THE UNGODLY WORLD, not from God. News Alert!....Tribulation is coming! It will come in the form of Hate Crime Legislation, and economic meltdown, terrible persecution, and inner city violence. That is the current course of things on this earth. (Matthew 24) However, we are to encourage ourselves with the fact that we will be snatched from this earth before the really horrible wrath of God is poured out.
So, how do we face these days? Here are my simple suggestions:
1. If you really want to have peace, spend more quiet time with the giver of Peace.... Jesus Christ.
2. Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together, especially as you see that day approaching. That means, GO TO CHURCH! What is the point of soccer, football, basketball, and tiddlywinks when the world is winding down? Do we really have a right to go to our Christian gatherings only when it is convenient? Not if we are true followers of Christ. (I don't imagine my church is going to reach a new attendance record by saying that...but so be it.)
3. Spend time watching the signs, but spend more time in the WORD! Glen Beck is pretty good and I enjoy seeing his passion. However, GOD is AWESOME and actually created passion. Get passionate about God and what he is doing.
4. Pray for your President. Speak out against his policies, but do not allow hatred and wild emotions rule you.
5. If you want to see what's coming next prophetically, keep your eyes on Israel, not America. America is not mentioned in scripture, meaning it either won't exist, will be irrelevant, or will have joined the rest of the world community against Israel. (I believe the latter is the case, but that's just me.) Israel is the key.
6. Let not your heart be troubled. A troubled heart is absolutely no good to the Lord. A steadfast heart will be sought out. Witness will be given, and God will use you like never before.
7. Finally, be prudent as you watch the approaching signs that things are falling apart. It's okay to store away food in order to sustain your family and to help others in need. But the best thing to do is to store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. How? By being generous now in your giving. Give to your church. Give to the pour. Give to missions. Give Give Give. You will wish you had when the dollar dries up. Banking in God's economy never loses its value. In fact, his multiplication system is the best in the universe.
There you have thoughts on Chicken Little, Chicken Soup, and sundry other items. Take or leave it. I will not be freaking out anytime soon. I will, however, rejoice in the Holy Spirit as I see these things that were spoken long ago come to pass.
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Jimmy Root Jr
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