Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why the Door For Peace Has Closed!

Though it is the last truth anyone in the world's diplomatic community will admit, the door to Middle-East peace has been slammed shut.
The process that closed the door began with the publishing of what is known as the Goldstone Report. This, supposedly in-depth and non-biased, investigation of Israel's foray into the Gaza strip in early 2009 has done everything but tell the truth. It ignores several key facts, including, ("Just the facts, ma'am!")
1. The fact that Hamas (the terrorist Palestinian gang that forced its way violently into power in the Gaza Strip) had been launching missiles into Israel for several months before Iron Fist was initiated. Goldstone never mentioned the number of launches... over 8000!
2. The fact that Hamas recruited children as suicide bombers by threatening the parents.
3. The fact that Hamas used innocent Palestinian civilians as human shields.
4. The fact that Hamas subjugates women to the lowest form of existence.
5. The fact that Hamas refuses to recognize Israel's right to existence, and worse, Goldstone failed to acknowledge that Hamas has committed itself to the total annihilation of every Jew.
6. The fact that Hamas refuses to participate in developing a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem.
Instead, Israel was demonized! No wonder the United Nations Human Rights Commission, a decidedly anti-Semitic farse readily accepted the Goldstone Report and ushered it to the United Nations Security Council for ratification. The onus is now on Barack Obama who recently announced that the USA would re-join the UNHRC. His choices for the direction of his foreign policy are suddenly staring him in the face, and they are simple. Either twist some arms to prevent the ratification of the Goldstone Report and risk becoming immensely unpopular in the world, or join into the ultimate demonization of Israel. What will he do? He is now trapped in his own rhetoric, and a decision must be made.
Why has this development closed the door to peace? Simple: Israel now sees clearly that if it allows a Palestinian state, either on the West Bank or a contiguous state that connects the West Bank with Gaza, there will be no acceptable recourse to deal with terror attacks launched from said state.
Israel patiently waited for the international community to act as missiles rained down for four years. The result: NO RESPONSE! Then, after exhausting every other avenue and after having issued numerous warnings of what the IDF would do, Israel was left with no choice. It dealt with Hamas in the only way it could....militarily. The world rose up and slammed Israel for defending itself. Israel now sees that it is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't. Netanyahu would be out of his mind, and against the Israeli public I might add, to pursue peace by a two-state-solution. He will, of course, give it lip service, but the door to peace has closed.
I am more and more convinced that the dividing of Israel WILL HAPPEN. Both the Prophets of note on the issue, Joel and Daniel, say a dividing will occur. (Joel 3:1-3; Daniel 11:36-39) Who will do it? Daniel describes him as the Prince who is to come; John calls him the Little Horn of the great Beast yet to come. (Daniel 9:24-27; Revelation 13) The Little Horn is non other than the one whom Christians call the Anti-Christ. The result of the dividing of the land will be Armageddon! (Rev. 16:16)
So, if you're interested in my speculative opinion of a probable sequence of events, read on.
1. Israel will most likely attack Iran's nuclear facilities in an attempt to stop the development of a nuclear weapon. (America may help, but the following results will still be the same. I actually doubt that Obama will participate. He may actually attempt to stop Israel.)
2. Once that happens, Iran's puppet...Syria....will threaten Israel. Damascus will be destroyed. (Isaiah 17)
3. Naturally, the entire Inner Ring will rise up....Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia will then have to be dealt with. (I believe numbers 1 Thru 3 will happen staccato fashion.) (Psalm 83, Jeremiah 12, Ezekiel 25, Obadiah 15-18)
4. Israel will suddenly be in control of the land mass held and ruled by Solomon....from the Euphrates to the Nile! Security will be in place because of the destruction of the immediate threat of close-in radical Muslim states.
5. The Outer Ring will constrict to the mountains surrounding this expanded territory, and the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war of Gog and Magog will occur.
6. In the aftermath of God's awesome intervention, a figure will arise to witness a "Covenant with the many." (Dan. 9-12 & Rev. 13) This figure is the Anti-Christ. I believe the covenant will be to protect the WORLD from Israel, not the other way around. Israel will be the most feared and hated nation on the planet! The Anti-Christ will unite the world while posing as the protector of Israel. Israel will acquiesce to this "man of peace" for one reason..... He will allow the rebuilding of the Temple in light of the fact that Islam had just been rendered meaningless.
7. That Covenant will usher in Daniel's Seventieth Week....(Dan. 9) know as the Great Tribulation. The seven year period will end with Christ's return to the planet after the world's armies have gathered at the place known as "Armageddon." (Rev. 16:16; Zecharial 14; Rev. 19)
Ah, you have one more question, don't you? Go ahead, ask it! When does the Rapture take place?
Answer: Any moment between now and POINT NUMBER 6!
In conclusion, remember that it is Christ who opens and shuts doors. For now, the door to peace is closed tight. It will not open until Christ returns to rule and reign.
(Disclaimer....what you have read is not Science Fiction or Fantasy. What you have read, though the sequence of events are speculation, is all true. Jesus will return to the planet!)
Stay tuned to the next blog. In it I will relay a number of suggestions that will help and encourage you to draw closer than ever to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles (Give the book to someone for Christmas...special price at

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