Thursday, October 8, 2009

They Acutally Trust Obama's Peace Efforts? Don't Hold Your Breath

It was an amazing pow wow. American Envoy to the Middle-East, George Mitchell, sat down with Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Lieberman, and Shimon Perez. Time to re-start (for the third time in nine months) the Obama plan.
Of course, that plan is to divide Jerusalem, divide Israel by giving contiguous borders to a new Palestinian State, and give up the call for the Palestinians to finally acknowledge that Israel has te right to exist. Next, the President will be calling for the nuclear disarmament of Israel. And then Israeli President Shimon Perez made this statement:

According to the president's office, Peres said that Israel had full faith in the policies of US President Barack Obama, who he said was trying to advance peace in an extremely fair way by listening to both sides and trying to find a common denominator.
Don't believe it. Polls in Israel show than only 17 percent of the population believes that Barack Obama has Israel's best interest in mind. Want proof that the President's idea of making peace is skewered in....dare I say it....foolishness. My case in point? Afghanistan. It was released today by the White House Press Secretary that President Obama now believes the Taliban, yes the same people dedicated to domination by use of Sharia Law, the same people who gave save harbor and help to Al Quaeda as they planned 9-11, the same people who are today killing American soldiers. Obama delay's sending more troops and decides to bring in the bad guys. (And if you actually believe the Taliban has any interest beyond dominating through violence, you need to go back and do your homework.)
Amazingly, the Bible has predicted all of this....maybe not point by point, but the general mind-set of our leadership. "Professing themselves to be wise, they have become fools!"
No, I really do not believe that the leadership in Israel actually trust Obama's peace plan or his leadership. They are going through the motions...biding their time....waiting for something to break their way. I'm afraid their won't be much that will. In the meantime, remember that we are on the verge of seeing awesome events that will break loose an incredible openness to the gospel. Be ready. Be prayed up. It is coming.
Jimmy Root Jr
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