Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turkey (Gomer) Becomes Increasingly Contentious Toward Israel

Two developments make the grade in our continuing watchfulness of current events. The first has not yet been widely reported, but it involves the Taliban.
As you recall, this week President Obama made it clear that he sees a role for the Taliban in a newly shaped Afghanistan government. (See most recent post.) These are the same cutthroats who gave safe haven to Al Quaeda as they prepared to perpetrate the terror of 9-11. The Taliban are at the center of US efforts in Afghanistan right along with Al Quaeda. Today, Taliban forces that are holed up in Pakistan attacked a military base near Pakistan's nuclear arsenals in Kamra and Kohat. The Taliban's audacious invasion of the base could very well serve to severe the bulk of the Pakistani military from its nukes. Of course, having a nuclear arsenal in the hands of Obama's would-be friends is an absolute worse case scenario.
In other news, Turkey has stepped up its contentous behaviour toward Israel. At one time, these two countries were friends. However, after Turkey's election a radical leaning President, that friendship has shriveled quite rapidly. As you recall, Turkey is listed in the anti-Israeli coalition of Ezekiel 38 and 39. The fact that Turkey has stepped up its enmity is just another in a long line of signals that the Gog/Magog war is fast approaching. (Read previous posts to see the sequence of wars.) The following is from today's Jerusalem post and is quite enlightening as to Turkey's attitude.
Turkey drops joint air force drill due to IAF participation

In another sign of continued tensions between Ankara and Jerusalem, the Turkish military canceled a planned joint exercise with the Israel Air Force scheduled for this week, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Defense officials told the Post that Turkey informed Israel of the cancellation of the Anatolian Eagle exercise last week, which was to also include US, Italian and
NATO forces, saying this was because the planes that Israel was going to send likely bombed Hamas targets during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip earlier this year.

According to reports over the weekend in the Turkish press, Ankara decided last week to cancel international participation in the annual air force exercise, in which Israel has taken part in several times in the past. The reports claimed that the move was aimed specifically at preventing the Israel Air Force from participating, an idea confirmed by the IDF Spokesman's Office on Saturday night.

"The exercise was postponed due to a Turkish decision to change the composition of the participants and not allow the Israel Air Force to participate, a decision we were informed of only several days ago," read a statement from the IDF Spokesman's Office.
On Thursday, the Turkish military issued a statement saying, "Anatolian Eagle Exercise will be executed as planned between October 12-23, [but] multinational participation is postponed."
Israeli defense officials confirmed that the cancellation was connected to tension between Jerusalem and Ankara that was sparked by Operation Cast Lead.

"Ties between the countries are still tense," explained one defense official. "The announcement about the cancellation was sudden and unexpected." Anatolian Eagle was first held in 2001, with Turkish, Israeli and American participation. The drill lasted almost two weeks and included Israeli F-16s, helicopters and refueling tankers. Israel last participated in the exercise in September 2008, but has not flown in Turkey since Operation Cast Lead, due to the increase in tensions.

Israel's absence from the last Anatolian Eagle exercise in June drew headlines in Turkey. Israeli officials said at the time that the IAF would participate in the upcoming exercise scheduled for October.
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