Friday, October 2, 2009

Israel in Now Pinched Between Action and Thumb-Twiddling

Here's something to chew on. US President Barack Obama characterized Thursday's landmark meeting with Iran as a "constructive beginning," following Iran's apparent agreement to open its nuclear facilities to inspection, to meet again later in the month and in principle to have a third party provide it with nuclear energy.

Now just back up the wagon a second! These talks have been going on for ten years This isn't a constructive beginning. It is another masterful delay. Not only has this little 'sit down' with Iran cost valuable time in setting up, it has designed several more 'feet-dragging' steps into the process.

Worse, as the President tooted his own horn for bringing about this historic meeting he also demonstrated his talent for vibrato. He then said, "we're not interested in talking for the sake of talking," and warned that "if Iran does not take steps in the near future to live up to its obligations, then the United States will not continue to negotiate indefinitely, and we are prepared to move toward increased pressure. Iran will have two weeks to follow through" on the commitments Western officials announced following the seven-way Geneva meetings.
TWO WEEKS OR WHAT? Will we attack? "Nah, we'll call another meeting so we can sit down and talk for the sake of talking." In Obama's world, talk is everything. "And if thhhose bad boytthhh don't put away their weaponstthtt, why I'm gonna go back to the UN and tell them whosttthhhe bostthhh!"
In the meantime, Israel sits on the sideline and looks at its watch. The seconds are ticking by before they are forced to do something. The problem is now, if Israel attempts to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions with military power, President Obama has positioned himself to be justifiably incensed. "Why did you do that?" he will say. "We had them right where we want them. We were talking to those guys!" (Of course, he will be able to say it in much more flowery terms than I.)
Israel is now pinched between survival, and the ill will of the entire world. Which do you think they will choose to defend.... survival....or a nice image in the eyes of the nations?

Don't let this little sitdown make you take your eyes off the truth. All that has transpired is the further separation of Israel from the rest of humanity. It is now damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't....thanks to our illustrious and naive President. But even then, the truth remains. What is taking place has been ordained, and is being manipulated by God Almighty.
Why? Because in half the world of man, like in the days of Babel, hamanity has set itself up as the ultimate source of divinity. In the other half, Allah has been designated the one true god. God will not be mocked. A showdown with both ideologies is rapidly approaching.
Jimmy Root Jr
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