Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interesting OBAMA Facts

Since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s important visit to Washington on May 18, 2009, whereby he personally familiarized President Obama about the numerous legitimate existential threats to Israel’s national survival, Obama has,

1. Reached out to 1.5 Billions Muslims.

2. Traveled to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, by-passing Israel.

3. Quoted Islamic scriptures on June 4, 2009 in his pro-Muslim Cairo speech.

4. Declared America is one of the largest Muslim populated world countries.

5. Stated that America is no longer only a Christian, but also a Muslim nation.

6. Pressured Israel to freeze all settlement expansions in the West Bank.

7. Refused to give a green light for Israel to attack Iran.

8. Allowed Iran to continue the development of it’s nuclear program.

9. Authorized non-Hebrew translated roadside signs in the West Bank.

10. Equated the 1967 war in which Israel was attacked with an occupation.

11. Called Israel to agree to a Palestinian state with CONTIGUOUS borders from Gaza to the

West Bank.

12. Demanded that Israel relinquish Jerusalem as its Capitol.

13. Pressured Israel to disclose it's nuclear arsenal.

14. Refused to sell Israel any new military aircraft.

15. Equated the recent suffering by Palestinians with the Jewish Holocaust.

and much, much more! What a President!
Jimmy Root Jr
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