Friday, October 23, 2009

Turkey has Turned: The Next Domino to Fall Will Be Egypt

Dominoes are not the game, but standing them up in long ribbons and then watching them fall. It's like witnessing choreographed chaos. Sounds like the way prophecy is being fulfilled, doesn't it?

In my domino watching opinion, the coalition of Ezekiel 38 is on the verge of coming together. Turkey was the last chip...and it has now turned away from Israel and toward Team Magog. All that is needed for that coalition to come together is a trigger; a hook! Only God knows what it will be since he is the fisherman setting the thing. But there are certain signs that expand the probability that the hook will come in the form of the Psalm 83 hullabaloo. Again, I call it the INNER RING, as Psalm 83's group is made up of nations that actually border Israel.

The INNER RING has been a bit of a problem. Why? Because some of the nations mentioned, namely Egypt and Jordan, live in a quasi-peaceful manner with Israel due to various peace accords made over the years. But that too is beginning to change, and I believe the next domino that will fall will be Egypt. Here are two startling developments that nudge me toward that opinion.

First, from the Oct. 23rd Jerusalem Post: Israeli breast cancer researchers are denied entrance into Egypt for an international symposium on breast cancer. All documents were in order, including entrance visas. However, since the Goldstone Report was accepted by the United Nations Human Rights Council, this is the second instance in which Israelis have been denied entrance into Egypt. The sole reason? They are Israelis! This is exactly how it began with Turkey.

Second: Longtime Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak is old and gravely ill. Though his desire is that his son succeed him into the Presidency, the normally secular/moderate Islamic political machine seems to be caving to the Islamic radicals. Why? Plain and simple....FEAR. The Iranian backed radical movement has become so powerful and violent, there are few who will be able to stand against the threat. How fast will Egypt's fall take place? I really have no idea. But if Israel ends up taking the Iranian nuclear situation into its own hands (which seems increasingly likely) then Egypt and Jordan both will turn on a dime. Or shall I say "fall like dominoes?"

Jimmy Root Jr

Author Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles

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