Monday, November 23, 2009

Egypt warns of Muslim Anger Over Status of Jerusalem

While the whole of the United States seems to have its eyes on the squirrels in Washington that are doing their best to steal our money, our freedom, and our health care, things are happening in the Middle East.
First, in a report from on Sunday morning, word was released that Russia has withheld delivery of its promise S300-anti-aircraft missiles. Iran's air defence systems are decidedly outdated and no match for Israeli jamming technology. hmmm
Second, Israeli President Shimon Peres made a visit to Egypt for a sitdown with Hosni Mubarak. I have been warning for weeks that Egypt's stance toward Israel, which has been moderate since the peace accords of 1978, is beginning to change. It is becoming increasingly antagonistic, and as a result, Egypt has removed its military from the Negev thereby allowing a resumption of a flow of arms and rockets into Gaza. Now, Mubarak has taken President Obama's lead of using Jewish Settlements as a flash point in forcing Israel into further concessions. This simply will not go away. Obama let the cat out of the bag and it is going to stay out of the bag. Listen to Mubarak's comments as reported in Sunday's Jerusalem Post article.
Settlement construction is "a marginal issue … some building of houses that became a central issue for the wrong reasons," Peres said after the meeting, adding that a resumption of talks and negotiations would bring about solutions for all disputed points.

Mubarak, however, told reporters that any construction by Israel on land beyond the 1967 borders would put a damper on "final-status negotiations" and further augment the stagnation of the peace process. He also warned Peres that Israel would anger all Muslims if it does not resolve Jerusalem's disputed status, emphasizing that the future of Jerusalem is an issue for the entire Islamic world. "I expressed my concern to President Peres that peace talks have not progressed since our last meeting in July and that Egypt is looking forward to an Israeli response, such as halting the building of settlements in east Jerusalem," he said.
Mubarak added that the time had passed for talk on temporary solutions and borders - which has long been seen as a stepping stone to a solving the crisis - and instead a just and lasting peace should be concluded.
"We want an end to settlement in occupied lands, including east Jerusalem," he was quoted by Reuters as saying, later calling on Israel to exhibit awareness "of the regional situation … [and] the dangers of losing the opportunity for peace."
In a Cairo address on Saturday, Mubarak said Israeli plans to "Judaize" Jerusalem, its excavations around al-Aksa Mosque and the confrontations with Palestinians were placing "new obstacles in the path to peace."
Israel's "demand to recognize it as a Jewish state and refusal to include Jerusalem in negotiations for a comprehensive agreement" were "undermining" peace efforts, Egypt's president said.

Once again, the progression to a solidification of the Psalm 83 coalition is marching toward fulfillment. Should Israel take the opportunity to bomb Iran's nuclear sites, the whole of the Islamic world will unite in a push to destroy the Jewish people once and for all. Egypt is a key player and is listed as the Hagrites (Hagarenes) in Psalm 83. Keep your eyes open.

Jimmy Root Jr

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