Sunday, November 15, 2009

Does Iran Expect the Inevitable?

Before you thing Mahmoud Ahmadinijad reads the Bible, just remember that his entire game plan is designed around an apocalyptic event. In fact, it is his self-proclaimed calling to be the honored martyr that brings about the return of the Shi'ia Messiah, the Mahdi (or Twelfth Imam). The Shiite belief is wrapped in Biblesque proportions in that the Mahdi will return during a great cataclysmic holy war. He will return and subjugate all infidels to his sovereignty or he will destroy them. Jesus will return with him and bow to his feet. Ahmadinijad believes he is the man called to launch the final Jihad.
Today's Debkafiles is reporting: "The Iranians are frenziedly digging hundreds of new missile launch silos in central and Western Iran in readiness for a US or Israeli attack on their nuclear installations, DEBKAfile's intelligence sources report. The Iranians are working at the same frantic tempo to turn out Shehab-3, Shehab-4 and Sajil-2 ballistic missiles, as well as a fourth secret ICBM which is believed designed to carry a nuclear warhead." We know that Israel is being forced into a unilateral attack by its air force against Iran's nuclear sites. I continue to hold out hope that he United States will assist them in some form, but that might be wishful thinking. The question is; does Iran see the handwriting on the wall, and does it believe it is doing the writing?
Happy Sunday to YOU. The real Messiah is Coming Soon!
Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
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  1. I think Iran expects to be attacked and is preparing retaliation. They will launch terrorist attacks in the United States and Israel, and they will attacking neighboring oil facilities with missles in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq.

    The world is certainly heading for difficult times.

    The public is fascinated with end-time disaster prophecies and Hollywood and the TV industry are milking that fascination for all its worth. But as I point out in my blog, they leave something important out. They sometimes quote the Bible, and the Bible really does predict disasters in our lifetimes, but they leave out the REASON for these disasters that the Bible gives. According to the Bible, these disasters are a punishment for the sins of man designed by God to bring man to repentance and conversion for our long-term good. But Hollywood has never been a fan of the concept of repentance.


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