Thursday, November 12, 2009

Israel's Enemies are Suddenly Emboldened

Why are the enemies of Israel suddenly filled with boldness?
There might be several reasons. Let me list a few.
1. President Obama takes a pro-Palestinian, pro-Islamist position during his speech to Egyptian congress in Cairo.
2. President Obama slaps Israel down at every turn while extended a hand of peace toward an Iranian regime that wants to destroy Israel.
3. President Obama likens Israel's treatment of the Palestinians (who have launched 12 thousand rockets at Israeli civilians over the last four years) to the Holocaust, then calls for a Palestinian Nation with contiguous borders that would divide Israel in two.
4. President Obama continues to call for the halt of LEGAL Jewish settlements in the West Bank while ignoring ILLEGAL Arab settlements in Jerusalem.
5. President Obama refuses to call the massacre at Fort Hood an act of Islamist terror.
6. And so on and so forth.
7. Turkey turns totally to the Iranian Axis of anti-Semitism.
8. The UN General Assembly ratifies the Goldstone Report that is decidedly anti-Semitic in nature, and completely baseless in its claims.
So, it's not to brain-draining to understand why the Hizbollah thugs are acting like Apes pounding their chests. Read this article from the Jerusalem Post and you will again see why Israel is going to have to act, and soon.
Hizbullah official boasts: All of Israel is Within our Fire Range

Senior Hizbullah official Mahmoud Kamati on Wednesday mocked IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, and said all of Israel was within his group's fire range.

"Ashkenazi's threats are baseless and are an attempt to draw attention away from the enemy's defeat in Gaza and in Lebanon," Kamati said in an interview with Al-Jazeera. He went on to boast that "all the cities and all Israeli military and industrial centers are within Hizbullah's fire range."

Kamati was responding to remarks by Ashkenazi on Tuesday, who told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that "Hizbullah operatives in Lebanon are in possession of tens of thousands of rockets, with a range of up to 325km." The Hizbullah official went on to warn that if the IAF bombed Beirut, Hizbullah would retaliate by bombing Tel Aviv. "The enemy knows that defeat under the current circumstances would be a critical defeat that would change the balance of power in favor of Hizbullah, leading to the destruction of the Zionist entity," Kamati said.
Jimmy Root Jr
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