Sunday, November 29, 2009

Israeli General Brings Up Subject of a Five Front War

Psalm 83, Jeremiah 12, Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 25, and Obadiah prophesy a five-front war. It has been reviewed on this blog for, months. In Ezekiel 25, the Lord said he would inflict devastation against Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Gaza (Saudi Arabia is in the mix too). He would do it "by the hand of my people Israel," which separates it as a totally different war than the Ezekiel 38 and 39 Gog and Magog war. We can see both on the horizon.
Now, for the first time in print, Israel is talking openly about the probability of a five-front war! They see it coming. They see an attack on Iran's nuclear sites as the catalyst to the greater war. Incredible. Please read this statement from Israel's top Air Force General and tell me things are not lining up for a fulfillment of prophecy.
Israeli Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan told a Tel Aviv University audience Friday, Nov. 27: "The time for hard decisions is fast approaching," adding "The range of security threats to Israel is very complex and we must prepare for all exigencies." Nehushtan was clearly referring to the No. 1 security challenge facing Israel, which is Iran's nuclear weapons program and its constant threats against the Jewish state. Experts translate the "hard decisions," he referred to as the tough choice of priorities facing government and military decision-makers in a potential war. They would have to choose between striking Iran's ballistic missile bases or the missiles pointing at Israel from Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, as well dealing with hostile ships facing Israel from a fifth direction, the Mediterranean.
All five potential fronts were addressed by the joint US-Israel Juniper Cobra 10 missile interception exercise that took place for two weeks at the beginning of November. US and Israeli forces successfully practiced close sync between their interceptors, radar and electronic jamming systems.
It also exposed a major vulnerability: In the event of a coordinated missile offensive from several directions, Israel would be unable to extend total security both to its missile bases, airfields and strategic sites and also to its civilian population. The Israeli Air force is not capable of knocking out all out once all five potential sources of missile attacks.
This means that if the Israel air force first targeted Iran, Syria and Hizballah would be free to provide Iran with active support by sending their missiles and rockets flying into Israel from its northern borders before their bases can be seriously impaired in an Israeli counter-attack. This gap in Israel's defenses leaves large parts of Israel open to attack - and not just the northern region which was blasted by Hizballah in 2006. Iran has provided its Lebanese proxy with upgraded rockets for reaching further south to Israel's central urban heartland of Greater Tel Aviv.

Defense minister Ehud Barak had this expanded peril in the mind when he said Wednesday, Nov. 25, that Hizballah's next attack would expose all of Lebanon, not just the south, to Israel counter-strikes. He said this time unlike in 2006, the Lebanese government would be held responsible, given that the Iran-backed Shiite group had scattered its missile bases across the country. Barak was flashing signals to the Lebanese and Syrian governments - as well as the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza - that they risked their countries being totally devastated if they opted to retaliate on Iran's behalf for an Israeli strike on the Islamic republic nuclear installations.
I believe Israel continues to do everything it can to stave off this five-front war, or an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities for that matter. However, negative signs continue to pile up, signs that demonstrate Iran will not cooperate with the international community. Israel will have to act, and I believe that action will take place soon.
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