Saturday, November 14, 2009

A New Palestinian Ploy and the Return of Bill Clinton

Just when you thought Hillary had taken the reigns, Barack Obama throws her a curve and calls in a "bigger gun" to deal with the Palestinians.
What's up? PA leader Mamoud Abbas has apparently decided to bypass the slow plodding of his new buddy, Barack Obama (perhaps "Dithering" fits here too), and ride the wave created by the anti-Semitic Goldstone Report through the United Nations. His goal? To unilaterally declare, with the backing of the United Nations, the Islamic Republic of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capitol.
The move has caught Obama and Hillary totally by surprise (not surprising) and their rabbit in the hat is former President, and Middle Eastern whiz, Bill Clinton. Amazingly, two primadonnas call on another primaddonna to handle a primaddona.
Imagine the box the Israelis must see themselves occupying. Their hands were full to overflowing with Hamas in the Gaza strip. The West Bank seemed relatively benign in comparison. Then comes Barack Obama to the UN podium and declares that Israel must come to the peace table to negotiate a Palestinian state with contiguous borders...the inference being Israel's return to the pre 1967 war frontier. Then came the blatantly anti-Israel Goldstone Report. Abbas has obviously seen these developments as an opportunity, so he bypassed every ongoing and failed avenue for peace in order to push the issue. The question will be whether or not Abbas' move will actually garner any support from the Hamas, the Iranian-backed militants who openly proclaim the genocide of all Jews. According to the Debkafile, even Iran and Saudi Arabia were caught off guard.
It is worth paying attention to, even if it is just to watch Bill do his thing and make President Obama look like the weakling he really is.
Jimmy Root Jr
Author: Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
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