Monday, November 30, 2009

Iran's Obstinance Continues to Grow

While the western talking heads continue to shuffle toward a diplomatic dead end, Iran not only thumbs its nose, it takes further measures to incite a confrontation with Israel and the USA. reported today that the Iranian Parliament passed legislation to funnel funds to various anti-western organizations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and other Central Asian States.
"Tehran moved toward a military confrontation with the United Sates and Britain when its parliament earmarked $20 million to support 'progressive currents which resist US and UK illegal activities." The motion also ordered an investigation of alleged "US and British plots against the Islamic Republic.' Our Iranian and counter-terror sources report that Tehran is acting to broaden its support of terrorist movements by bringing additional armed Islamist and insurgent groups into its support cycle as a means of forcing Washington and London to ease the pressure on its uranium enrichment projects and nuclear bomb program. Tehran classifies the groups combating the West in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia as "progressive." The West may therefore be faced with newly-empowered armed groups in those places including possibly Taliban and al Qaeda allies."
The fact is the West just doesn't get it. The Administration has ignored the key element of radical religious fervor that is behind every move Mahmoud Ahmadinijad makes. He thrives while under the pressure of the "infidel." His is a holy war, a jihad. Obama and Clinton can talk all they want. They can unclench their they have multiple times. They can wag their fingers, but in the end, Tehran will continue to do everything it can to create war. Until we wake up and go the route of a great big bomb, the odds are we will pay for our foolishness with terror attacks that will make 9-11 pale in comparison. That's the bad news.
However, the news is GOOD too! You see, God is not, nor will he be taken by surprise. Allah will not ambush Jehovah. God has it all designed in order to demonstrate to the world that there is no other God. For those who follow hard after Jesus, the days ahead may be filled with peril, but in the peril will be the opportunity. It will not be an opportunity to perform some Christian jihad. Rather, the opportunities that are coming our way will be to palpably show the love of God and his desire to transform the heart of all who will call upon his name. That, is GREAT News.
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