Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Madame Speaks With Forked Tongue Like Boss

Joel C. Rosenberg came out with an interesting, if not alarming statistic on Nov. 3rd. In his flash alert, he cited a recent poll of the Israeli population in regards US policy. While George W. Bush was President, 88% of Israelis felt that the United States had Israel's best interest in mind. After nine months of Obama, the same poll says a mere 4% believe America has Israel's best interest in mind and that Barack Obama is not a friend of Israel. In fact, Italy and France top the list of perceived friends of Israel and the United States does not appear in the top ten! Chew on that for a bit and see if you can keep from getting a sickened stomach.
This week began with a visit to Israel by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. During the visit she praised Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel for it's concession to slow the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. However, her statement alarmed the Arabs in such a way that Hillary had to make an unplanned visit to Hosni Mubarak in Egypt to try to undo the appearance that America was backing off on its anti-Israel stance. Soooooo, it was double-speak time. Her exact quote to the Egyptian President and Arab press was, "Washington does not accept the legitimacy of the West Bank enclaves and wants to see their construction halted forever." Nothing like speaking out of both sides of your mouth. The problem is Hillary is not nearly as good at it as Bill was/is, nor like her boss, Barack H. Obama. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot, or boiling your own water, cooking your own goose, or proving yourself to be the fool that you are!
In the meantime, an Israeli warship seized a cargo vessel flying under the flag of Antigua and discovered "hundreds of tons of Iranian munitions, short-ranged missiles, and anti-tank weapons" bound for Syria. Of course, from there these weapons were destined for the Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Syria and Hezbollah are, and have been, preparing for a sudden war with Israel.

Finally, a wake-up call has gone out to the socialist driving progressive-elite in the United States with resounding victories in the races for governor of New Jersey and Virginia. I say a hardy, Amen! However, our hope must never be placed in the power of political persuasion or national uprising. Our hope is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything that is taking place is the step by step fulfillment of the Father's pre-wedding planner for his Son. That day is fast approaching. Be ready, no matter what takes place on planet earth between now and then.
Jimmy Root Jr
Author, Distant Thunder Book One of the Lightning Chronicles
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