Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is Iran's Vibrato Political or Genuine?

While envoys from the United States and Israel visited Moscow in order to convince the Russians that a "military option" to deal with Iran was still on the table, Iran's glorious leader was running off at the mouth....again. Listen to his own words in regards to the ongoing negotiations (sham) to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Saturday, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued a veiled warning: "We hope the negotiations continue and evil powers don't indulge in mischief because the Zionist regime and other domineering powers are unhappy with the talks," he said in an Iranian state TV interview: "Today, Westerners know that without engaging Iran, they cannot rule the world, because Iran… rules world public opinion." (JP Staff)

Now, we all know Ahmadinijad is blinded, right? He and Iran really aren't rulers of world public opinion, is he? Could it be, even as we feel like spitting whenever we see the man, that he is correct? While we have been programmed to see everything as political, Ahmadinjad has been programmed to believe everything he is doing is right according to religion. For years the Iranians have manipulated the situations in Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon. Now we see the same happening in Turkey and Egypt. And have you noticed the lightning-fast upswing in world anti-Semitic speech and action?

I think Ahmadinijad believes what he says. I think he sees America (through the actions of the President) as weak and unwilling to make a real stand. He hates Israel. The world seems to be yanking at his coat tails. However, do not fear. The true manipulator is God Almighty, and he will not be mocked by an Iranian, or a Jew, or anyone else on the planet.

Jimmy Root Jr

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