Friday, November 27, 2009

The Russian Two-Step

Just two days after Benjamin Netanyahu goes through with his promise to cease new settlement construction in the West Bank, a group of European Jews paid a visit to President Dimtry Medvedev in an effort to garner Russian support in placing a hedge around Iran.

As you know, several militarily binding agreements have been made over the last 18 months between Russia and Iran, and Russia is holding true to those treaties. The final pact called for the purchase of the new S-300 anti-aircraft missile that would bolster Iran's ability to ward off an enemy attack against its nuclear facilities. So far, Russia has withheld delivery of the S-300 upgrade, and the delegation European Jews sought to make sure delivery never happens. It is also reported that the delegation requested a reconsideration of international sanctions against Iran, but Medvedev brushed aside the proposal saying the North Korea posed the greater threat to international stability.

In a public statement following the meeting, Paul Delin, vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews stated, "Medvedev said he understands the concerns" over Iran's nuclear program. But he also said he favors dialogue first, and Russia would reconsider this position only if a threat [from Iran] became evident."

We asked that Russia stop supplying the S-300 to Iran," said Kantor, another delegation member. "Minister Lavrov told us the sale did not contravene international law. We were also told [by Medvedev] that while the system represents a sophisticated means of protection, Russia was within its rights in selling Iran a defensive system. It was not endangering global security." But the Jewish leaders "disagree with this statement. We think a defensive weapon is a strong motivator for an aggressor to attack." Kantor pointed out that the current Iranian regime "has declared openly that it wants to destroy other countries - not just Israel, but also the United States and Britain."

It is almost unfair to be able to analyze these developments through the lens of prophetic scripture. We already know that Russia will do little more than symbolic gestures in controlling Iran....something for the international community to be distracted by. Russia is, and will continue to be not only a firm ally of Iran, but the controlling partner. (Read Ezekiel 38 and 39) The withholding of the S-300 missile order has a purpose.....maybe not a thought out purpose in the minds of the Russians, but a purpose born elsewhere. Iran would welcome an Israeli, or Israeli/US attack on its facilities. It knows that such an attack would rally Islam against the infidel. That is why I believe an attack by Israel will probably occur soon. The window of opportunity is open. Whether or not they do is totally at the discretion of God Almighty. This is His show, and His SHOWDOWN!
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